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Utah Real Estate Trends - Tooele County Home For Sale Statistics for First Half of 2010

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Tooele Home For Sale Trends in Utah



July 6, 2010

Tooele Offers Low Prices Per Square Foot

Tooele County home prices are down by 8% from last year. Homes sales are up in 2010 by 43 more homes sold for the first six months compared to the same period a year ago. The average sold price for a Tooele County home was $173,732. Current homes listed on the market for sale constitute 10 months of inventory. Tooele County homes that sold during the first half of the year averaged $72.04 per square foot, nearly $35 less a square foot than the state average. It is taking just under 3 months to sell a home that is market priced.

Tooele County condominiums are selling for an average of $108,491, nearly $94,000 less than the state average. Condo prices are $65,000 less on average than single family home prices. However, only 6 condos have sold in the county so far this year!  It takes an average of 39 days more to sell a condo than a single family home.

Conclusion:  With average property prices below $75 per square foot, Tooele offers bargain hunters some great opportunities. With Erda and Stansbury Park just minutes from Salt Lake City, the low prices are well worth the commute for many.

Tooele County Homes For Sale Statistics for First Half of 2010

2010 Mid Year Real Estate Sales Tooele County Utah Average Difference
Single Family Home Sold Price $173,732 $241,346 ($67,614)
Condo Sold Price $108,491 $202,179 ($93,688)
Active Properties Listed (6 Months) 553 21,872 (21,319)
Single Family Homes Sold 325 10,930 (10,605)
Condos Sold 6 1,056 (1,050)
Current Inventory (months)             10.01             10.57            (0.56)
Square Feet of Homes Sold 2383 2488 (105)
Sold Price Per Square Foot $72.04 $96.90 ($24.86)
Days on Market (Single Family Home) 80 73 7
Days on Market (Condo) 119 92 27



More details for Utah Real Estate sales for first half of 2010.

Links to 2010 homes for sale by county: Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, Summit County, Tooele County, Wasatch County, and Weber County.



Average Days on Market = # days between listing date & contract date.
Current Inventory = # months to sell current active listings on the market.

Source: WFRMLS (This information is deemed to be reliable, however WFRMLS & RealestatehomesUtah.com do not guarantee accuracy.)

Report Date: July 6, 2010




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Tooele County Home For Sale Trends in Utah for the First Half of 2010 - Utah Real Estate Sales Statistics for 2010

Tooele County areas include Dugway, Erda, Grantsville, Lake Point, Ophir, Stansbury Park, Stockton, Tooele, Vernon, and Lakeside.

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